SC 1381 - Landon & Connor

Release Year: 2012 Genres: Oral, Anal, Safe sex,Gay "Well, your dick is still huge, I see!" Landon laughed. That's the thing I remembered most about him... he loves to laugh and have fun and be silly! Connor was a little nervous and Landon definitely picked up on it. He started rubbing Connor's shoulders, and gave him a warm smile. Connor's dick is just about as big as Landon's — and Landon took his time working it over, along with Connor's hole. Luckily, Connor relaxed a bit. Landon slid his dick into Connor, and started pumping. Connor whimpered a little, but then threw his head back and really went for a ride! Published March 2, 2012 File size: 340.4 MB Download SC 1381 - Landon & Connor
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