So You Wanna Be a CockyBoy

Welcome to So You Wanna Be a CockyBoy?, a new behind-the-scenes series that attempts to answer how and why everyday people become porn stars at CockyBoys. In this episode, we meet Tayte Hanson -- a New York City personal trainer by day and a go-go dancer by night. A highly sexual guy, Tayte's been approached to do porn before but never thought the time was right... until he met Levi Karter at "Berlin," a weekly CockyBoys party held in midtown Manhattan. Levi became Tayte's "porn mentor" from thereon out, eventually getting him entered into a live modeling contest in which the winner receives an exclusive CockyBoys contract. Pitted against contestants flying in from as far as Las Vegas, Tayte's final test involves getting naked on stage in front of a room packed with people and proving he's got what it takes to be a CockyBoy. Tayte's always had his eyes on the prize, though -- his first ever hardcore scene with Levi. The chemistry between these guys more than transcends the lens of the camera, making the sex between them as real as it gets. For all the advice and coaching Levi offers him, Tayte wants nothing more than to reward Levi with the pounding of his life! Format: mp4 Duration: 23:50 Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2823kbps Audio: 124kbps File size: 515.4 MB Download So You Wanna Be a CockyBoy
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Style One 04 - Takahiro 2

4 months from previous work see StyleOne 1 Takahiro blockbuster. More precious big solo project vol. 2, is finally here! Recorded this time could not be achieved in the previous model between Leno! Isao Takashi StyleOne 2 main model..., showcase Guida a new facet in collaboration with luxury senior model Jin, Rui natsukawa Shuang! Further, see your big Dick mouth I would like to! "" Like that suck a Dick Guida! "And give you a perv film also included! Most 18-year-old fascinated in the summer was ' seriously, Takahiro of Eros ' don't miss! 1. t. large vs Gong,... First entangling StyleOne main model with each other! Takahiro Gong, Senior lead to drowning in the pleasure of SEX with a man. While dug him in Isao Takashi, Takashi great fountain of fire! 2. big vs Takashi natsukawa Shuang. YUI natsukawa sensitive BODY agony, Takahiro-tech! Takahiro SEX arm up against senior model natsukawa is s! from the bread in Palmar natsukawa anal! 3. Your big mouth to stain semen. Takahiro talking to you chaimasu up your cleaning job! 4. In t. cumshot gang bang was not. Guida your blowjob at while the thick sperm! 5. takahito 1 large vs. Takahiro first! Meet Digger hattoushin together FUCK! Seniors of admiration, Jin leads the t. ON it! Guida would have an erection feel piercing, caught the man discovered the brilliance! 6. OFF SHOT. Large public show during 18 years old striptease! Format: mp4 Duration: 2:02:54 Video: 720x404, AVC (H.264), 1658kbps Audio: 62kbps File size: 1.5 GB Download Style One 04 - Takahiro 2
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D.M.T. Fight 7

Active Sports Association certified male genitalia brand "D M T..." 4 years to revive! Kengo, Shinji, Takeshi, Keisuke, m., PG 159 ABS defendi, Takashi (TAKASHI) and our popular athletic at ALL first meeting together! Dug ALL cum, facial facial × 1, cum shot x 3! Rippling muscles, sweat flying, full cry. Filled with male athletes gigantic mating all 4 parts! 1. s., little let zubuzubu dentine in the prices for seniors, Takeshi gun digging! Face sitting service also! Takeshi, cum shot & clean blowjob! 2. blowjob galore 25 Yano-senpai muscle Club members to commit, in involving the first rookie swimmer 18 years old! Male's odor even fit smell! Yano, facial cumshots! 3. big cock showdown! Dig up Keisuke and Takashi mating with each other! High history of the ultra large VCs juice dripping sounds! Busty cock Pistons together great agony! Takashi, cum shot & clean blowjob! 4. ya Kengo a rolled up digging in the word torture! Dug at the standing back bonding of exposed intense erotic cum! Kengo, cum shot & clean blowjob! Format: mp4 Duration: 2:23:36 Video: 720x404, AVC (H.264), 1863kbps Audio: 62kbps File size: 2.0 GB Download D.M.T. Fight 7
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Dam Esco se prend les 22cm de Dylan Cox

Le beau Dam Esco est de retour ! Il a donné rdv dans un coin retiré à Dylan Cox, le lascard qui menotte les mecs et les enfourche de son gros zob de 22cm. Le p'tit bogosse s'est fait défoncer comme une salope, Dylan ne l'a pas épargné...... Format: mp4 Duration: 30:34 Video: 720x544, AVC (H.264), 2343kbps Audio: 131kbps File size: 554.8 MB Download Dam Esco se prend les 22cm de Dylan Cox
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SC-1801 David & Randy (Bareback)

I thought I would give you a nice passionate video to celebrate the day! David and Randy have both learned to love bottoming, yet both excel at topping, so I thought I would get a nice flip-flop video in with them. I dunno what was going on between the two of them, but there was some chemistry happening! The kissing goes on for a while, and they both got hard just from the kissing. As you may have noticed kissing is a bit too intimate for most of the guys. You'd think sucking cock would be, but kissing and eating ass seem to be the last hold out for most of them. Format: mp4 Duration: 27:44 Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4640kbps Audio: 46kbps File size: 953.6 MB Download SC-1801 David & Randy (Bareback)
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RB2742 Gay Porn Star Jimmy Fanz takes Kurtis Wolfe Balls Deep

Kurtis Wolfe and Jimmy Fanz cannot keep their hands off each other. Jimmy loves how hard Kurtis gets, and cannot wait to get him in his mouth. He undoes and his zipper and takes out his hard cock. Jimmy puts it in his mouth and takes it down to the base. What follows is some non stop hard core gay porn action. There is frenzy of positions as these two suck and rim each other. They even do some hot toe sucking before the penetration begins. These two hairy cocked jocks start in a reverse cowboy position. Kurtis slams his long dick deep up into Jimmy and his hungry hairy hole. Next Kurtis bends Jimmy over and fucks him doggie style. Jimmy goes full power bottom and tells this hot bisexual stud to fuck him senseless. Kurtis grabs Jimmy and fucks him in the pile driver until Jimmy busts all over himself. Then Kurtis pulls out and unloads hot white cum all over that fuzzy ass hole. The two make out passionately after such a hot fuck. Be sure to look at all the hot free gay porn pics in our photo section at Randy Blue. Format: mp4 Duration: 20:29 Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 3345kbps Audio: 91kbps File size: 516.0 MB Download RB2742 Gay Porn Star Jimmy Fanz takes Kurtis Wolfe Balls Deep
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Ethan & Sage & Troi Tag Team Raw

Ethan did such a great job in his TagTeam oral, that I knew he would love having two hung dudes to service fully by getting all his holes filled! Troi and Sage both have significantly large uncut cocks, so we spend a fair amount of time getting Ethan in the zone, eager and begging to have his ass penetrated. Ethan starts-off sucking both guys cocks, and even Troi and Sage get into some cock-sucking. I believe this is the first time Sage has actually sucked a cock. He stays hard while doing it, and to be honest, anytime the dude droops, he just needs a mouth on his cock. He seems to be very orally-oriented. The two guys lay down, and Ethan goes back and forth sucking both guy's cocks. He eventually manages to get both dicks in his mouth, and both Sage and Troi were impressed! That is a lot of meat in one mouth! Ethan climbs on top to suck only on Sages cock, giving his ass to Troi to finger and lubricate with his tongue. After being rimmed, Ethan eagerly spins around and sits down on Troi's cock while sucking on Sage. Sage shares his cock with Troi also, and I will be danged if Troi looks happy being face-fucked while fucking a dude. It was time for Sage to get some ass, and his cock slides easily into Ethan's abused hole. Troi makes sure everyone gets a chance to clean his cock with their mouths. Pretty sure Ethan's favorite part of the videos was getting fucked on his back by Troi, while Sage sat on his face. He loves to rim, and occasionally Sage would make him suck his cock then go back to eating his hole, all the while being bounded relentlessly with Troi's dick. I knew both Sage and Troi are best cumming standing, so they both take turns dumping their load inside of Ethan. Troi does not quite nail the cum shot perfect, fully dumping his load deep into Ethan. Internal breeding is hot, but I am sure the 'evidence police' will be think it is suspect. But sometimes when you got 8-9 inches of cock, it simply just get buried deep up inside of you. Sage then has at Ethan's hole, giving him a second creamy load! Format: mp4 Duration: 29:19 Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2929kbps Audio: 110kbps File size: 653.2 MB Download Ethan & Sage & Troi Tag Team Raw
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OP12775 Tourist Ass

In this weeks Out In Public update my very good friend has a surprise for us but i have a feeling that this was more of a treat for himself than anything else..he made us go and pick him up in the airport and once we got in the car these two couldnt get there hands off each other so we had to stop somewhere and let these guys go at it! it was a pretty crazy update and I hope you guys enjoy it! Format: mp4 Duration: 30:45 Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2879kbps Audio: 67kbps File size: 665.8 MB Download OP12775 Tourist Ass
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Harper & Aiden Fuck

Two of CF’s most popular studs, in action together! When you have Harper fucking Aiden, you know you’re in for some fireworks! Harper can fuck like a champ, and many a CF stud has found that out! Aiden loves getting fucked perhaps more than anyone else on our roster, as we’ve seen from the countless loads he’s shot with fellow CF studs’ dicks in his ass! With these two, there’s absolutely no doubt the action is going to be intense and hot. Beyond just intense and hot, though, the action here is fun and playful! Harper and Aiden really get along, and they seemed to enjoy the chance to get in to Harper can fuck like a champ, and many a CF stud has found that out! Aiden loves getting fucked perhaps more than anyone else on our roster, as we’ve seen from the countless loads he’s shot with fellow CF studs’ dicks in his ass! With these two, there’s absolutely no doubt the action is going to be intense and hot. Beyond just intense and hot, though, the action here is fun and playful! Harper and Aiden really get along, and they seemed to enjoy the chance to get in to some action together as much - if not more - than we enjoyed the prospect of watching it. There is clearly some real chemistry here, as evidenced by every bit of foreplay, Aiden’s rock hard cock as he gets fucked, the eagerness with which Aiden laps up Harper’s load, and the great sex throughout. Format: mp4 Duration: 20:25 Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 3333kbps Audio: 114kbps File size: 516.2 MB Download Harper & Aiden Fuck
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Bareback Sock Fetish Boys

Benjamin and Malachy are so into it as they sniff and suck on each others socked feet. The boys are feeling kinky, but once their dicks are throbbing and needing some sucking they get into a horny 69 that proves how hungry they are for each other. Benjamin's soft welcoming hole takes a thorough bareback pounding when Malachy eases in, ending with a couple of facials that has us all joining in too! Format: mp4 Duration: 18:35 Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 6359kbps Audio: 124kbps File size: 883.1 MB Download Bareback Sock Fetish Boys
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